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How we communicate with you

18 Oct 2022 12:43 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Club communications with you originate from our website with the address wazregister@wazregister.com

You will receive two kinds of emails:

  •    automatic; and
  •      manual.

 Automatic emails are sent in response to a variety of member actions, including membership application, membership renewals, event registration, and invoice payment.   They may include event confirmatory emails, event confirmation, reminders, new passwords, and receipts.

Manual emails are initiated by a Committee Member and may include Newsletters and Event Announcements.  It is expected that a high proportion of future emails will be Event Announcements.

An “Event Announcement” is an email advising of an upcoming event containing a link to the event, and response buttons “Register” or “Not Attending”.  Clicking these buttons will take you to the event to complete registration or advise non-attendance.

 Email Distribution Lists.  We have created a number of distribution lists to ensure that our correspondence is targeted and applicable to our members interests. The distribution lists created, and being refined, are:

  •      motorsport
  •      midweek meander
  •     Code 404
  •      Code C4C

In addition a distribution list is automatically created for each event registrants.

We will seek your assistance in refining our distribution lists.

Respond To Emails

 If you respond to an email it will either be directed to:

Contact details for Committee Members are available from the Governance Menu Contact Us page


We encourage members to share their views, knowledge and feedback by contributing to a forum.  You do not need to subscribe to a forum but if you do you will automatically receive weekly updates.

The Club seeks your involvement and participation.  Communication is an essential prerequisite.

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The Datsun 240Z and 260Z Register of WA welcomes new members  who wish to share their knowledge and passion for the marque.

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