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Concessional Licensing Code 404 is administered by Club Registrar.

Owners Responsibilities

Owners of vehicles licensed with a 404 concession code are solely responsible for maintaining their vehicle in an original unmodified condition and remaining a financial member of a Department of Transport (DoT) approved motoring club in order to be eligible for the concession.


A Code 404 Licensed vehicle usage is restricted to:

  • Any recorded event organized by an approved club
  • An Impromptu Run recorded in The Datsun 240Z & 260Z Register of WA official ‘Run Log’
  • Ceremonial purposes (weddings, formals, funerals) involving immediate family members, provided that prior approval is obtained from the member's club.
    All events listed on the WA Z Register Calendar are approved events for the purpose of Code 404. Members may suggest the inclusion of additional events by use of the Events Forum.

    A list of approved clubs may be found at:

    Approved Club List

    The above is a summary of the requirements and not a comprehensive list.  Detailed information on the Code 404 scheme can be found in the Information Handbook which can be downloaded from the Council of Motoring Clubs WA website below:

    Code 404 Handbook

    Process to license a vehicle on Concessional Code 404

    1.     First read the Code 404 Handbook to understand the obligations and requirement of Code 404 licensing.

    2.    Obtain a completed form CMC1 - Certification of Financial Membership

    Members should contact the Registrar providing sufficient details for the Registrar to complete a:

    CMC1 Form - Certification of Financial Membership

    Prior to completing the form the Registrar will make such enquiries as necessary to ensure that the vehicle is unmodified and satisfies the requirement so Code 404.  This may include a vehicle inspection.  The Registrar will be unable to provide an endorsement unless there is evidence that the applicant has a set of "Historic" license plates to be fitted to the vehicle.

    3.     Vehicles currently licensed in WA

    Currently licensed vehicles within WA are NOT required to undergo an inspection prior to applying for the 404 concession. The owner simply takes the current licence papers, a copy of their club financial letter (form CMC1) and completed form E81 to any Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) Centre.  Note: Your signature must be witnessed - hence do not sign before attending the Licensing Centre. The counter staff can witness your signature on the E81.

    DoT 404  E81 - Concession Application Form

    4.    Vehcicles to be Licensed in WA for the first time

    If the vehicle is to be licensed in WA for the first time you will need to take the following documents to a DOT Licensing Centre:

    • Proof of identity (driver’s license)
    • Certificate of Inspection signed by examiner
    • CMC 1 form verifying financial membership of approved car club and
      signed by approved person to confirm vehicle complies with Code 404
    • Form E81 (available at counter and can be witnessed by counter staff)
    • Only for imported vehicles on new Australian registration,take Import Approval document and any other relevant papers to DOT Licensing Centre
    When the Car is Registered on the Code 404 Concessional License,

    Once the car is registered on Code 404:

    • advise the Registrar registrar@wazregister.com that the vehicle is on the Code 404 register;
    • log onto the WA Z Register website, enter the Members Area and update your vehicle to your profile.
    If you have issues with updating details on the website please contact the Registrar.

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