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Concessional Licensing Code C4C is administered by the Club Membership Officer

Concessions for Classics Code of Conduct

C4C Eligibility and Requirements are detailed in the DoT "Code of Conduct"

Concessions for Classics Code of Conduct


Applicants must submit a Concessions for Classics scheme Application (E116) form ensuring the Motoring club
declaration has been completed by an authorized officer of the club.

Please ensure that your membership details are an exact match to the details on the completed form.   If there is a difference, the Club may update your membership record (e.g. change and abbreviated First name from Bill to William) or if necessary query the difference with you.

Completed forms may be mailed/emailed to the Membership Officer for certification and the updating of club records.

Form E116

When the Car is Registered on the Code C4C Concessional License,

Once the car is registered on Code C4C:

  • advise the Membership Officer membership@wazregister.com that the vehicle is on the Code C4C register;
  • log log onto the WA Z Register website, enter the Members Area and update your vehicle to your profile.
If you have issues with updating details on the website please contact the Membership Officer.


A Code C4C Licensed vehicle can be used for a maximum of 90 days per calendar year, being:
- 60 days to participate in motoring club sanctioned events; and
- 30 days for personal use per calendar year (includes testing, maintenance and repair)

All events listed on the WA Z Register Calendar are club sanctioned events for the purpose of Code C4C. Members may suggest the inclusion of additional events by use of the Events Forum.

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