WA Z Register

Datsun 240Z & 260Z Register of WA Inc

In Western Australia the Department of Transport (DoT) has made available two concessional licensing schemes.  These are:

  • Department of Transport (DOT) Code 404 for unmodified vehicles; and
  • Department of Transport (DOT) Code C4C for modified and classic motor vehicles titled "Concessions for Classics"

As an authorized motoring club the WA Z Register is able to offer concessional registration to our members.

Eligibility and key conditions of each scheme are:

Concessional Vehicle Licensing Code 404

Vehicles are to be maintained in an original unmodified condition.

Vehicle use is restricted  to the following:

  •  Any recorded event organized by an approved club
  •  An impromptu event recorded in the club "Run Log"
  • Repair, Maintenance and Testing within 30 km
Further Information on Code 404 Licensing

Concessions for Classics Code C4C

Vehicles must be licensed and roadworthy.

Vehicles can only be used for a maximum of 90 days per calendar year, being:

  • 60 days to participate in approved motoring club events; and
  • 30 days for personal use (includes road testing, repair and maintenance).

Vehicle owners to record the vehicle use in a logbook prior to commencing each journey.

Further Information on Code C4C Licensing

The Council of Motoring Clubs WA prepared a presentation setting out the key objectives, requirements and responsibilities for each scheme:

CMCWA Presentation

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