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Club Calendar Event Colour Coding Explained

18 Oct 2022 1:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Members will note that in "Calendar view" events are colour coded.  This is to assist you in identifying events of interest.  An explanation of the event colour coding follows:

Club Events:  Events organized by the Club. We encourage maximum participation.

Meetings:  Club Annual, General and Special Meetings.  Have your say. 

Motorsport events.  These events may be organized by our Club or another Motorsport Club or Organization.  Please check the event details.  Externally organized events in most cases require direct registration with the organiser.  Depending upon the event, we may ask you to also register your participation with the Club to count towards the Club Motorsport Competition.

Other Events:  Shows and organized by other Clubs and Organizations that Members may wish to attend.  If the event warrants, the Club may co-ordinate participation (e.g. Japanese Car Day) in which case Event Registration will be invited.  In other cases Members can choose to participate.

All events listed on the Calendar are "Club Events" for the purpose of Concessional Licensing.

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